Whether your desire is to adopt an all-natural and healthier lifestyle, improve your overall health or simply just to lose weight, We wants to help you reach
your goals consistently and conveniently, by extending you 2 options as a Customer, in order to allow you to purchase our great high quality products, in a
hassle free and convenient method. Retail Customer or a Preferred Customer
Retail Customer

A retail customer is someone who makes a one-time
purchase of any of our products via the E
commerce website at regular retail cost. Purchases
by Retail Customers are primarily for personal
consumption and therefore, they are not required to
participate in any type of monthly volume minimum,
to remain
a Retail Customer. All Retail Customers receive the
added benefit of ordering the products of their
choice and having their products conveniently
shipped directly to their door.
Preferred Customers

Offers individuals who would like to purchase our
products for personal consumption, with no intent to
resell the products or the desire to become an
Independent Affiliate, the option to become a
Preferred customer. Preferred Customers must
purchase a minimum of 1 products per month on an
Auto Ship program locked into our ECheck
To remain eligible to receive their products at the
wholesale price. For their convenience they just
simply select their favorite products, enjoy the extra
savings of purchasing them at the wholesale price
and then take advantage of our convenient delivery
service, which ships their products directly to their
Independent Affiliates

Affiliates are individuals who have elected to
establish a business as an Independent
distributor of our products and who purchase
them at wholesale cost, with an intent to resell
them at retail cost, to Customers. Independent
Affiliates also actively enroll other Affiliates and/or
Preferred Customers and participate in TLC
Compensation Plan activities, to earn a return on
their product investment. To be considered an
Active Affiliate within any given month, Affiliates
are required to have a monthly minimum of  
Personal Volume points, to be eligible for
Compensation Plan payment, bonuses and/or
commissions, within that current month. Affiliates
are able to achieve this Active Affiliate status
through their own wholesale product purchases,
customer purchases made through their E
commerce website, or a combination of both.

The Perks of Purchasing Products as an
Independent Affiliate include Wholesale Prices,
Generous Compensation Commissions &
Bonuses, Rewards, Recognition and the
establishment of a great Customer base.

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